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April Intake Orientation Day

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April Intake Orientation Day

A warm welcome to all our April Intake students!

Our April Intake Orientation day welcomed our newest students to the vibrant grounds of our campus. We saw plenty of new faces, and made lots of new friends along the way. We had exciting activities all planned out, from meet-and-greet sessions with our teachers and staff, to freebie giveaways, to campus tours and more.

During the campus tour, our April Intake students were given a grand tour of our campus grounds with visits to the classrooms, hallways and eating spaces. The meet-and-greet session was filled with joy as new bonds were formed and new friendships were born. We hope to see these bonds prosper throughout our time together and beyond.

Besides that, we offered our new students insight into their upcoming studies by providing them with detailed course information, providing them with information about our campus facilities, and even sharing with them about life in Sydney. Many freebies such as notebooks, folders, and lanyards were given to all our April Intake students to welcome them into the Rosewood International College community.

No orientation program wouldn’t be complete without the bustle of a food feast! Our kitchens had joined in on the act and lent a hand to provide food for all our April Intake students. Their food was delicious, ranging from pastries to many kinds of burgers, to an assortment of drinks and desserts.

It was exciting getting to know a bit more about our newest students and we hope to see them excel in their education, and to see them on the graduation stage when that day will eventually come.